Cisco N7K

If you have the space, the Nexus 7000 line is capable of running the biggest of big data operations.  Cisco's strength in the large switch marketplace is unquestionable, and the N7K series can do basically anything you would want! 

Our Nexus stock and expertise continues to grown inside and outside the Dallas are.  If you need Nexus service in Dallas, or basically anything involving " Nexus in Texas", please hit the Make IT Easy button above! 

Cisco N5K

This is the workhorse of the line.  We have provided numerous N5K's, from the 5010's and 5020's to the 5548, 5596, and more!  There are inexpensive options to keep data flowing faster than ever!

NX-OS is no longer a stumbling block for Cisco shops.  Easier to configure than ever!

We are here to help you through your confusion on various connectors and cables.  The danger in trying to buy optics of "questonable origin" is one your business can't afford.  Check with us to see why it is better to go through "real people" for your Optics needs

Cisco N3K

Nexus technology in a 1RU form?  Yes, it is possible and it is available and inexpensive.  Let us know what we can do to help !

Router Buying Guide 

for Current Cisco gear - yet we can still save up to 90% off of list prices

Since the days of Bus and Tag cables and ESCON, access to storage devices has been a constant driver of IT needs.  The Nexus line has made this "easy" with a variety or products to fit each need.  

DON'T LET MANUFACTURERS' "planned obsolescence" kill your budget!  Where needed, we can also devise sparing strategies to save money both this year and in the future.   For some firms, capitalizing the expenditure makes a difference that falls directly to the bottom line! 

X2's, SFP+, DS-SFP's and more

The panic when a customer's engineer goes to install new equipment and realizes that nobody got them the optics to plug in - common, but that's why you keep our number.


We are here to help solve the unsolvable.