• 1977 - DWC founded with emphasis on Disk, Tape, and I/O devices (yes, we've sold punch card machines)
  • 1987 -Entered the Leasing Market with fair market leases of Modems, Printers, and controllers

  • 1997 - Entered the Networking market trading in ASCII devices and protocol converters.  Began to wish we had bought Cisco stock in 1991.  Consulted on and oversaw construction of new state capital building
  • 2006 - Instrumental in forming United Network Equipment Dealers Association - the FIRST criterion in making buying decisions

  • 2015 - Conrad Vickroy wins highest award in the Networking Equipment Industry - the Rothschild Award

DON'T LET MANUFACTURERS' "planned obsolescence" kill your budget!  Where needed, we can also devise sparing strategies to save money both this year and in the future.   For some firms, capitalizing the expenditure makes a difference that falls directly to the bottom line! 

We are here to help you through your confusion on various connectors and cables.  The danger in trying to buy optics of "questonable origin" is one your business can't afford.  Check with us to see why it is better to go through "real people" for your Optics needs


At DWC, we've taken our collective experience to maintain the PERSONAL service so that you are always comfortable with us for your IT needs.


We know that you're reputation is only as good as the results of your last partnership. That's why we proud ourselves on a results-oriented approach.


We live, eat & breathe customer service in all its forms. Keeping users' needs in focus is the ONLY way we can run our business.

We have been involved with Cisco gear since well before it was an industry standard.  Our lab completely tests the gear, equipment ships complete with accessories, and our history in the industry enables us to react more quickly than most firms, large or small, within the industry.  We offer a "better than new" warranty on used or DWC refurbished equipment.  


Router Buying Guide 

for Current Cisco gear - yet we can still save up to 90% off of list prices

interface cards and modules

We have shelves full of NM, PA, WIC, HWIC, VWIC cards for the latest and the oldest routers!  Just hit the big red "MAKE IT EASY" button and let us know what you might need.  We will figure out the right card for your platform!

More Cisco Gear is in the market than anyone else's, so there is a booming trade in Used/Refurbished Cisco equipment.  

Used Cisco Routers